JunioR BLACK & GREY TATTOO artist: nicko

Nicko Golfinopoulos, hailing from the picturesque city of Piraeus, Greece, discovered his passion for sketching during his formative years. At the tender age of 17, he set forth on a transformative artistic journey by enrolling in private drawing classes at PLAKAS—an esteemed institution in Piraeus celebrated for its profound artistic teachings.

Fast forward to the age of 26, and Nicko made a pivotal decision to relocate to Norway, immersing himself in a new cultural landscape that has since become his beloved home. Currently, he thrives in the role of a junior tattoo artist, a path he ardently embarked upon in November of the preceding year. Nicko’s creative prowess shines through in the realms of blackout and realism styles, skillfully etching his passion onto the canvas of skin. Yet, he remains a relentless explorer, eagerly embracing novel techniques and fresh artistic concepts within the dynamic realm of tattooing.

Anastasis Koukoulas, affectionately known as Anko, emerges as a guiding force in Nicko’s tattooing odyssey. Serving as his mentor at Viaticum Gallery, Anko has been instrumental in shaping Nicko’s artistic evolution, imparting invaluable insights and wisdom since their initial encounter.

Nicko Golfinopoulos epitomizes an artist whose quest for creative expression transcends borders. He seamlessly blends cultural influences into a harmonious symphony of visual storytelling. His dedication to mastering the intricacies of tattoo artistry, coupled with a fervent embrace of innovation, underscores his commitment to a vibrant and ever-evolving artistic journey.