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Dalsbergstien 16C, 0170 Oslo

Frequently Asked Questions



For all appointment enquiries please use our “Tattoo Booking” form or “Piercing Booking” form this will ask you for all the information we need from you in order to book your appointment.

You can find our piercing prices when you click on our “Piercing Booking Form”


For tattooing you must be 18 years old. Even with parental approval, we do not tattoo anyone under 18.

Piercing Age Limits

We require identification of everyone who is to be pierced, even accompanied by a guardian. The guardian must also show identification.

These are our age limits:

6 years (accompanied by parent) – earlobe
15 years (accompanied by parent) – ear, nose, eyebrows and navel
16 years – tongue and lip
18 years – cheek, bridge, surface, nipple, genital, microdermal

Minimum Artist starting price is 1500- nok / 150 euro.

Apprentice starting price is 1000 nok / 100 euro.

Anko charges 3000- nok/ 300 euro per hour.

We accept cash,most debit cards,vipps,paypal.

It all depends on the design, the size, the location of the body and if its color or black and grey. The more details a tattoo has the longer the tattoo will take to make. Location as on e.g. the ribs will take longer due to the skin being stretched a lot, and will therefore also cost more than other places on the body. A smaller tattoo is not automatically cheaper, a small but microdetailed realism work can be as expensive as a large tattoo with less details.

We are artists who take our time and focus a lot on little details in our work. When there is a lot going on around us we lose our concentration. You can bring only one friend/partner/family to keep you company.

You can get an estimate tattoo price by submitting a “Tattoo Book” form and provide as many and as accurate information you can regarding on what you’d like to get.

Our large team have always some spaces for small walk-in tattoos.

Normally Anko is booked for 2-3 months in advance but there is always space for the right projects.

Anko never books more than 3 months in advance as he doesn’t want his clients to wait long.


Depending on the project’s size a deposit close to 1/3 of the price must be made.

Piercings appointments don’t need deposits.

Frequently Asked Questions