Exploring the Art of Piercing: From Navelpiercing to Smiley Piercing

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We consider all requests, however Anko is selective when accepting new projects.

In the world of self-expression and body adornment, piercings have emerged as a captivating form of artistry. Viaticum Gallery proudly presents an exquisite collection of piercings, featuring a range from the classic navelpiercing to the daring septum piercing.

Navelpiercing, a timeless favorite, adds a touch of glamour to your midriff. The helix piercing, on the other hand, graces the ear’s upper curve with its subtle elegance. For those who seek an unconventional charm, the smiley piercing, tucked discreetly into the upper lip, is a unique choice that catches eyes and curiosity.

At Viaticum Gallery, we embrace diversity in piercings, offering options like nesepiercing, industrial piercing, and tungepiercing. The septum piercing, a symbol of bold individuality, is showcased with finesse in our collection.

Our artisans prioritize safety and precision, ensuring a comfortable experience and a stunning outcome. Whether you’re adorning yourself for the first time or adding to your collection, Viaticum Gallery is your haven for exceptional piercings.

Explore the world of piercings with us, where the artistry of navelpiercing, helix piercing, smiley piercing, and more come together to celebrate your uniqueness. Elevate your personal style with Viaticum Gallery’s captivating piercings today.

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How can we contact you?
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